Nize Education Suite

The future of education is here.

  • Industry-leading machine learning and data analytics to keep your school safe, smart, and efficient.
  • Custom solutions to integrate into your current ecosystem.
  • Predictive technologies to ensure your system is always one step ahead.
  • Smart software paired with sophisticated hardware designed to reinvent modern classrooms.
  • Streamlined applications to suit the fast-pacing world that we live in today.
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Attendance, passes, and more, all rolled into one singular practical device backed by a beautiful interface.

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Libraries made easy. Easy check in/out of books, plus reading groups, smart book recommendations, and more.

Coming Fall 2020

Why Us?

Nize Systems has the best customers and we want to make sure they get the best in the business.

  • Ease of Use
    Using our devices is as easy as it gets. The user interface is easy to navigate yet quite powerful at the same time.
  • Competitive Pricing
    Available at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Pick and choose the features you want.
  • Advanced Technology
    The best education technology comes with the best features for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. No compromises whatsoever.
Nize Data Analytics
Nize Data Analytics

State of the Art Security

At Nize Systems, we have a zero-trust policy with your data, meaning no one can access it unless authorized.

  • TLS/SSL Encryption
    TLS provides strong authentication, message privacy, and integrity interoperability, algorithm flexibility, and ease of deployment and use. Simply put, it’s safe.
  • Key Based Authentication
    Our system only grants access to those with the correct key. Cracking our security would take over a lifetime, but we change keys frequently to ensure maximum security.
  • Onion Layer Security
    We practice all standard security measures and have a variety of other proprietary security measures in place to detect and prevent possible security threats.

Powerful Analytics Tools

Our software predicts anomalies before they occur and actively work to mitigate issues in real-time.

  • Adaptive Attendance Prediction
    Gain insight into attendance patterns and predict absences, attendance, tardiness, and other metrics in real time, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Campus Threat Monitoring
    Configure real-time alerts and monitoring for campus supervision, proactively predicting threats before they even occur.
  • Emergency Routing Optimization
    Adapting to current emergency evacuation route density and delays, Smart Map Routing alleviates congestion leading to quicker and safer evacuation.
Nize Data Analytics

Smart features for a smarter school


Automation that makes attendance a walk in the park. Presence allows students to sign into class with their phone or school-issued RFID card. Teachers can check attendance records and more on their Presence Portal in real-time.


Digitize those archaic paper-based passes. When a teacher creates a pass for the student, it will be documented and available at all times for the teacher. Students will have their pass expire after a certain time to make sure they don’t misuse it.

Class Sign In/Out

Replace those clipboards with something more modern. Students can sign in and out of class with just a tap. When a student signs out or in, it is recorded and available for the teacher at all times.


Safety made efficient. In the case of an emergency, our devices are designed to alert the teacher if a student is signed out, and also are capable of directing students and teachers to a designated safety zone.


Analysis that helps teachers keep their students on track to success. Presence’s sophisticated anomaly detection protocols use attendance data to alert the teacher in the case of a student missing school in irregular patterns or too often.


Numbers that matter. Presence’s statistic gathering tools present teachers with relevant statistics about their class throughout the year, so they have numbers on their side.

Keeping you ahead, wherever you are

Real-Time Information

Information is updated in milliseconds ensuring that you know what happens, when it happens.

Industry-Leading Security

The Presence Suite is built with both proprietary security protocols to keep you safe and secure.

Competitive Pricing

Only pay for what you need, scalable with your school or organization's size.

World-Class Support

At Nize Systems, we have the best customers in the world and we want to make sure they get the best support.