Flagship Features


Nize Presence uses NFC scanners to allow students to sign into class using their student ID card, phone, or ID number. Comprehensive records are sent to the teacher for review then automatically distributed to your school’s existing SIS platform.

  • Students use ID card, cell phone, or ID number to check in
  • Teachers verify absent students before submission
  • Exact time permanently marked for tardies
  • AI algorithm detects & flags anomalies
  • Comprehensive reporting & statistics for administration


Nize Flex provides custom dashboards for each user, allowing them to effortlessly schedule flexible periods from their own devices. Students can access additional instruction without the headache of an ever-changing roster.

  • Sign-ups for makeup tests, office hours, studying, clubs, & more
  • Teachers access live rosters throughout the week
  • Custom teacher settings to allow specific students in class
  • Comprehensive dashboard integrated with Nize Presence
  • Administration controls rosters during in-school events, assemblies, & more


Nize Passes allows students to check-in and check-out of class in just seconds using their student ID. Students can create passes to the bathroom, locker, office, or another classroom, while the teacher can always monitor their status.

  • Teachers use their ID card, phone, or ID number to issue passes
  • Automatic reporting for students excessively out of class
  • School officials can read & write passes for any student
  • Administration access to all student passes for easy monitoring


Nize Events suite allows students to sign up and pay for school events directly from their phone. Automated ticketing for sports games, festivals, meets, and more, all accessible from your Nize dashboard.

  • Dashboard accessible on both desktop & mobile
  • Administration access to live student signups
  • One-tap payment and registration
  • Tickets stored directly on student accounts

SIS Integration

Nize integrates directly into your school’s existing SIS for a smooth transition to our system. Using Nize’s custom API, we can send attendance data to your SIS and receive live updates to rosters, schedules, and more.

  • Access live attendance data from anywhere
  • Instant updates based on changing rosters
  • Military-grade encryption for student data
  • Comprehensive reporting & statistics for administration
  • Works alongside any existing SIS

SSO Integration

Nize works seamlessly with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other providers to instantly create rosters, send announcements, and more. Our system automatically creates student accounts via their school-issued email address and allows teachers full management of various G Suite platforms.

  • Presence dashboard for each student email
  • Google Classroom setup in seconds
  • Class-wide email announcements from teacher dashboard
  • Simple Google Calendar integration for classwork