Affordable remote attendance reporting designed for the 21st century

Presence Remote offers Zoom integration and live-time student attendance tracking for easy SIS reporting. Easily monitor student engagement, activity, and performance, all in one easy dynamic portal.

Presence Remote allows you to easily schedule, manage, and send Zoom meetings to your students. Participant activity is logged and automatically aggregated for easy integration into existing SIS platforms.

Easily connect Google Classroom, Zoom, and many more daily classroom essentials into one easily accessible portal. Students, teachers, parents, and admins can each access their attendance records, assignments, meetings, calendar, polls, and much more on any device.

Presence Remote integrates into your existing Student Information Service with real-time reporting options. Records can be sent automatically or with manual oversight, guaranteeing that information is accurate.

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Presence Remote Features

Remote Meetings

Presence Remote allows you to create Zoom meetings and send join codes to students instantly. Easily track student attendance, activity, and action logs – all instantly viewable in your Presence Portal in real-time.

Link Google Classroom to send out automated assignment notifications to students and assign point values to add participation based grading. Org-wide meetings are added to your Presence Calendar and integrates with your current Google Calendar and apps.

  • Add co-collaborators via Presence Connect
  • Log student attendance and performance
  • Send automated emails and notifications
  • Assign point values to meetings and link with Google Classroom
  • Add multiple periods, departments, and more to meetings

Attendance Reporting

Presence Remote integrates seamlessly into your existing Student Information Service ensuring that records are up-to-date and accurate. Attendance information is reported in real-time and allows for easy configuration between automatic and manual oversight reporting.

Records are easily accessible on the Presence Portal for teachers, staff, parents, and students, and allows for easy correction and record updating. With Presence Remote, attendance is monitored in real-time from Zoom and visible on the Presence Portal.

  • Real-time SIS attendance reporting
  • Teacher, staff, parent, and student logins
  • Easy attendance correction
  • Automatic and manual reporting oversight

Attendance Prediction

With Presence Analytics and Engagement platform, attendance patterns and predictions are generated using machine learning (artificial intelligence). This platform allows for simplified planning by knowing opportune timing based on attendance prediction.

Smart suggestions, such as test planning, allows teachers to gain insight into the best days to plan events and ensure the best student retention. Additional analytics allows both admins and teachers to ensure that actions increase efficiency.

  • Nize Analytics Integration
  • Presence Smart Suggestions
  • Attendance Prediction
  • Statistics and Engagement Platform

Google Suite Integration

Presence allows for easy communication between Google Calendar, K12 Gmail SMTP sending, Google Classroom, and much more. With integrations each focused in a centralized portal, Presence cuts confusion and centralizes efficiency in one place.

With seamless integration into Google Classroom, Presence allows teachers to easily post assignments, send Remote Meeting invite codes, and assign point values to mandatory meetings.

  • Google Classroom Integration
  • Mass Email, Notifications, and Announcements
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and more

Announcements and Polls

Push both announcements and polls to teachers, staff, parents, and students via the Presence Portal. Polls results are accessible instantly from any device. For teachers, point values can be assigned to polls for easy grading and can be sent via Google Classroom.

With easy announcements and notifications, urgent alerts, changes, and messages can be sent out to any group at any time. Easily choose between recipient parties and ensure that your school is well-notified.

  • Real-time polls, announcements, and notifications
  • Point-based polls and Google Classroom Integration
  • Anonymous polling option
  • Org-wide announcement sending
  • Email-attaching options

Staff Development

Arrange staff development meetings via the Presence Remote dashboard and monitor staff attendance with ease. Meetings can be setup to auto-create and dispatch to recipient parties automatically.

  • Auto schedule staff meetings
  • Add co-collaborators and hosts
  • Monitor staff attendance and activity
  • View statistics and patterns
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