A modern solution to education management.

Presence is a revolutionary system designed to optimize education management. Our system streamlines them and provides all users with increases in efficiency, security, and safety.

Why Presence?

  1. Increased Instructional Time
    Bypass the hassle of manual attendance. Presence will do it quickly and accurately.
  2. Real-time Updates
    Information updates during the school day, allowing staff to know what happens real-time.
  3. Customizable Alerts
    Set alerts for hundreds of events to get relevant information as soon as possible.
  1. Accessibility
    Be it by phone, laptop, or tablet, Presence will always be on your device, ready to go.
  2. Security
    Our portal uses proprietary security protocals to keep your data secure and private.
  3. Competitive Pricing
    Pay for the features you want, configurable for all school and organization sizes.


Pass System

Create a pass to admit or excuse students from a class at a certain time. The pass pops up on the dashboard with the student's ID, and the student scans out of class with their ID or QR code.

Sign In/Out

If a student wants to sign out of class, he/she can ask the teacher and simply tap out. The student's status is updated on the dashboard and mobile app, and the teacher can view information such as duration and trends.

Emergency Protocols

A set of emergency protocols built-in to the system to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Allows administrators and other staff to quickly scan for missing students and pull their last known location with the system.

Student View

Students can view information posted by teachers and admin.

  • View
  • Schedule
  • Information
  • Alerts
  • Edit
  • Access Period Information

Parent View

Parents can view information pertaining to their students.

  • View
  • Student's Schedule
  • Attendance History
  • Announcements
  • Access Period Information

Teacher View

Teachers can view student data and submit information.

  • View
  • Student Schedules
  • Attendance History
  • Teacher Announcements
  • Access Period Rosters
  • Create
  • Attendance Reports
  • Announcements for Classes
  • Virtual Passes for Students
  • Polls for their Students
  • Rules for Access Period

Administrator View

Administrators can view and submit student and teacher data.

  • View
  • Student Schedules
  • Attendance History
  • Teacher Announcements
  • Access Period Rosters
  • Create
  • Attendance Reports
  • School-wide Announcements
  • Virtual Passes for all Students
  • School-wide Polls
  • Rules for all Access Periods

What We Offer

We offer a seamless experience for students, parents, administration, and teachers. Our application serves as a hub of communication & interaction, an extension of the physical Presence devices, all at a fraction of the cost. For information regarding the cost of a Presence system, visit our “Inquire” page.

What Competitors Offer

Competitors offer an array of features that are limited to using specific applications only.

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